Coverage Day 8

First of all, I realize this blog has veered away from eating and reading and thinking and, sadly, scribbling...and yet there were 149 clicks today.  You can't imagine how much that touched me.  So whether you came here today for the first, fourth, tenth or hundredth time:  thank you for staying with me. Another day in the CO and it was pretty mind-numbing.  I am really tired but I do have a few random things:

Crossing the TZ to Rockland this morning, the Doors' "Riders on the Storm" was playing.  Appropriately it was raining pretty hard.  I do love the view of the Hudson from the bridge span, and how it's different every morning.  Into this world we're thrown...and every day it's different.

I know it's vulgar to discuss money, but mucho thanks to the company for doing the right thing and doing it retro to Day 1.  Not that we're purely motivated by greed...but we're really motivated by greed.  Sorry.  A strike brings out the hero and the whore in all of us.

In my tendency to collect people with the same names, now I have two Peters to sort out, so they've become Pete and Re-Pete (they came up with this themselves).  I also discovered that two techs in the garage are brothers with a really long, wonderful Italian last name that begins with 'Monte' so I am calling them the Mountain Brothers.  They're the ones who like to tempt me with cigarettes BUT I HAVEN'T SUCCUMBED YET!!!!

Sensei dropped by the CO to test tone on a pair.  Brought me a pack of gum.  "Getting lonely in here, kid?"

Thank God the CO has a computer in the back where I can access Pandora radio.  A little music while you're working is so nice.

Drinking a couple of Boosts a day to keep weight on.  They're pretty gross.

Crossing the TZ home, it was Ivy's "Edge of the Ocean."  A bit commercialized from cruise line ads, but still a nice, soothing song.

Annnnnnnnnnnd...that's it.  That's all I got.  I'm home, my boots are off, I'm drinking a Mike's and eating some cold pulled pork that my mother-in-law made, along with some cucumbers I pulled out of the garden, which is about all I'm going to get out of the garden this year, I'm just resigned to it.  It is what it is.  If anything, this experience is teaching me to let go of a lot of things.  The garden declining sucks, but it's not the health of someone I love declining.  This too shall pass.  There will be another garden next year.  I will read a book again at some point in the future.  I will cook something good to share with you.  I will buy a new couch with the overtime money.

But for now I'll just lay out my stuff for the morning, get the coffee set up, and go to bed.

Girl, you gotta love your man...