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Today's reflections: 1) If the past 2 days were a D-, then today was a C:  I found something I was actually pretty good at, I put two customers back in service, I only felt nauseous twice, and I took 6 Advil instead of 8.  And I got home at a decent hour to have dinner with my family.  My mother-in-law cooked and I thank her with sloppy, effusive gushiness.

2) I'm learning to like my partner Mike a lot, his heart is definitely in the right place.  And today I was especially appreciative of his Old Testament justice:  "I tell you, from this day forward, until the end of time, I have cast these people out of my heart.  AND!  Out of my prayers!  I will never forgive until I perish from this earth."  I might take a page from that Book.

3) Mike also got the brilliant idea of each of us sneaking into an empty cube on the 2nd floor and closing our eyes for 20 minutes, while the other covered.  I tell you, those 20 winks made a world of difference.

4) I met another girl Kerry who I like a lot.  We reached a certain level of punchiness where we were half-laughing, half-crying over everything and nothing.  I tell you, a friend in the trenches also makes a world of difference.

5) I have new boots and my feet like them very much.  The pink made a nice statement, but it was time to go for long-term comfort.

6) I am deeply grateful to my car windshield, who patiently listens to my ranting and raving on the commute home and never passes judgement, but still allows me to see the big picture.

7) At every moment of the day, I am acutely aware that it could be worse.