Un Petit Livre

From May to September I move my laptop upstairs to the dining room table. This is because the dining room has the best view of the yard, and with all the work I put into my gardens every spring and summer, I want to be able to see them. My office downstairs has no windows. So I work upstairs and make a mess of one end of the table, and then every fall, right around this time, I move back downstairs, get reacquainted with my desk and all my craft supplies and get itching to make something. 

Today I made a book:

Isn't it cute? I made it during my lunchtime, it took like 10 minutes. I have no idea what to do with it, so I'm letting Panda take it to school tomorrow to see what her friends think.

I got the tutorial off How About Orange which is one of my very very favorite blogs. Jessica has no end of clip-arts and crafts and free downloads and projects. If you have a love of paper (I'm looking at you, Kelly) I highly suggest going to check her out. She actually got this little book tutorial off Paper Kawaii, another awesome site for paper crafts. That tutorial goes step-by-step with pictures so I'm not going to transcribe all the instructions here. I'll just give you my illustrated version of events.

You make one too. You can do it. And then tell me what you'll do with it because I still have no idea.