I Heart Pizza

When did Valentine's Day become Halloween in February? I'm looking at the sugar loot the kids brought home from school today and feeling sort of depressed. The candy is all very carefully cataloged and bagged.  Any actual Valentines are crumpled up at the bottom of the backpack. This makes me sad. Why is it more about candy and less about the message?

Few years ago I decided to hell with Hallmark, I was taking February 14th in another direction. I made a Valentine for Jeeps (because I like to) and then I made Valentines for my circle of close girlfriends. And I've been doing it since.  I love it. I love making them, I love sending them, and I love that they get kept.

Blah blah blah. Rant over.

Being that Valentine's Day is a Monday this year, which is an easy day around here, I wanted to make something special for the kids. I thought individual pizzas would be fun, even more so if I could cut them into heart-shapes.

I think they came out well. They were made with love. And they got eaten.