Traditions: A Coloring Page

Funny how these things happen.  We're hanging around one Christmas Season night and I draw a picture.  A fireplace.  A Christmas tree.  Presents.  Hm, a fireplace needs a mantle, and a mantle needs things on it.  There must be a mirror over the fireplace.  Oh and there should be a cat sleeping on the hearth.  This evokes tea-time doesn't it?  There should be a table with tea.  I'm drawing away, happy, happy.  Panda says, "Can you draw me one?"  Redman echoes, "Me too."  Well I can't recreate this two more times but no problem:  I go over everything with a fine-tipped Sharpie and throw it in the scanner to make copies.  We color all night, listening to Christmas music.  This is the life. Fast-forward a year, it's Christmas season again, and I want to draw that picture (who knows what became of last year's).  Fireplace.  Tree.  "Don't forget the cat," Panda advises, looking over my shoulder, along with my twin neeces, who are here for the holidays.  "We want one, too," they say hopefully.  "Me, too," says Redman.  Copies all around, and again we sit around the table coloring and listening to music.  Again, the life.

And so here we are again in the holidays, and Panda asks, "Are you going to draw the picture?"  Of course.  I drew it last night and I didn't forget the cat and the tea is on the table.

And I want you to have a copy, too.  Click here for your copy.  Please download.  Please share.  Please color.

Because this is the life.