Random Reads

I've finished some good books lately and have to write them down immediately otherwise I forget.  Then people ask me "What have you read lately?" and I kick myself because I know I've finished a really great book but I can't remember a damn thing... Hothouse flower and the Nine Plants of Desire, by Margot Berwin.  I just finished this last night so it's fresh in my mind and it.  was.  wonderful.  SO sososososo wonderful.  Magic realism just the way I like it.  Please read it, too, and then let me know if you liked it.

Before Ever After, by Samantha Sotto, which I've mentioned a couple times before but now I've actually finished it and can officially say that this is an awesome story.

Mr. Rosenblum Dreams in English, by Natasha Solomons

A Proper Education for Girls, by Elaine di Rollo

Commuters, by Emily Tedrow Gray.  Also mentioned before and also first-rate but comes with a bonus of the author's favorite books listed at the back.  So I got a great read AND a great reading list, which led me to pick up:

Digging to America, by Anne Tylor

A Ship Made of Paper, by Scott Spencer



Went to the library last week and picked up this stack:

Sins of the Seventh Sister: a Memoir of the Gothic South, by Huston Curtiss

The Summer Kitchen, by Karen Weinreb

Swan, by Frances Mayes