Goose Egg

I've never had anything but chicken eggs.  I hear duck eggs are something special.  Food shopping yesterday at DeCicco's, I saw both quail eggs and goose eggs.  I don't (yet) know what to do with a quail egg but the goose eggs looked delightful so I bought two.  Here's one, with a quarter for scale:

Ain't that something?  Pandagirl was fascinated and suggested we hard-boil one for breakfast this morning.  So I did, not sure about how long to boil but I googled around and decided on 12 minutes.  This left the bright orange yolk still a little runny which is the way I like it.  The shell of a goose egg is harder, and the white is really firm.

I had it halved, salted and peppered on a plate, and was buttering some toast to attractively add to the composition when I turned around to find Panda Piglet had eaten her half already and was starting to nibble on mine.  Assassin!!  So here's the sloppy money shot, believe me it tasted better than it looks here:

I can't say it tasted any different than a chicken egg.  It was super fresh and you couldn't beat that bright orange color.  It was just...a bigger egg taste overall.  It was a big egg.  Big.  HUGE!  The best I've ever seen!