Compost Mumbler

Since we're revealing all our dirty secrets... ...we were, weren't we?

Anyway, since we were, this is often what you will see by my kitchen sink during winter: Composting in winter is a bitch.  Taking it out to the pile in frigid weather is bad enough.  Add 3 feet of ice-encrusted snow and it's a real party.  I hate it.  But since so much of what I cook involves veggies that must be peeled and trimmed, and since we're rolling in organic eggs thanks to my neighbor, the bucket fills up pretty quick, as do the secondary containers I fall back on.  Eventually it all has to go out.  The pile is pretty much buried in snow, really I'm just feeding the raccoons and possums at this time of year.  But better in them than in the garbage.  It's all for the greater good.