Why Buy Books Direct From Me?

Because It's Better for YOU!

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  • Buying direct puts you in a select VIP group that gets early-release pricing and discounts not available anywhere else.
  • You can read new releases before they're published on retail platforms. While everyone else is on pre-order, you're on page 79.
  • Payment is secure, and you can use Paypal, credit card, ApplePay or GooglePay.
  • After payment, you'll automatically be taken to BookFunnel to download your new book, which can be delivered to any reading device in the proper format. Whether you use a Kindle, the Kindle app on an iPad, iBooks, Nook, Kobo e-reader or read on your laptop... you'll receive your purchased book in the proper format for immediate enjoyment.

Actual screenshot from BookFunnel.

Actual screenshot from BookFunnel after purchase

Choose your method and your book will be on its way!

Still not sure? Try a freebie via BookFunnel and see how it works for you.