The Fish Tales

"Loving her felt like building something. A cathedral. Spires and bells and stained glass. But she broke one window and I indiscriminately tore the whole thing down."

Spanning fifteen years, Suanne Laqueur's award-winning series follows a young man's emotional journey back to the truth of himself and a woman he can't forget.

Erik "Fish" Fiskare is a student of technical theatre at a Philadelphia university. At twenty-two, he is the lover and soul mate of Daisy Bianco, a beautiful and talented ballerina. His best friend is William Kaeger, Daisy's charismatic, bisexual partner. When Will embarks on a disastrous affair, it pushes Erik's tolerance and Daisy's trust to the limit. Until the day Will's lover brings a gun to rehearsal, intent on stopping the show.

This was the real story. This was how it started. Not with locked eyes during romance and sex, but with blood. With locked eyes in a crisis. Helping even though it hurt. Making your fingers let go even as your heart was breaking. To do what you had to do to survive so the story could go on being told.

The three novels of The Fish Tales explore how a single act of violence sends shock waves through a tight-knit circle of adolescent friends, rearranging their atoms, breaking bonds and unconsciously shaping their adult lives. Erik soon discovers that in the face of heartache, grief and betrayal, love is not always enough to make you stay. But sometimes, it's the only thing that can bring you back.

She's a generous and forgiving partner. I can be one, too.

From college to adulthood, through love and loss, devotion and betrayal, estrangement and forgiveness, Erik and Daisy will take you on an emotional journey of love and truth.

At some point, Fish, you just have to start living the truth of who you are and what you feel. You never forgave, forgot or got over Daisy. You just left.