Julian Edwards-Tholet is not who he thinks he is. After the results of a DNA test contradict what he knows about his biological mother, he confronts her for the truth. Her story will turn Julian’s life inside-out. It’s a tale rooted in South America’s Operation Condor. It spreads through Pinochet’s military coup in Chile and his terrifying regime of detention camps, torture, disappeared civilians and stolen children.

Stunned by his mother’s betrayal, Julian must now dig through his genetic code and forged birth records in a quest to find his real family. But are any of them are even alive?

Suanne Laqueur’s third book in the Venery series explores the desperate acts of love made in times of war, and how family bonds are forged, torn and mended. A Scarcity of Condors reunites readers with the Lark family, solving a forty-year-old mystery while raising difficult questions about the future. 

Coming December 2018